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Feature in the BOLIVAR COMMERCIAL - "Darden North's Fresh Frozen"

Darden North's Fresh Frozen
Thursday, Oct 09, 2008

Darden North, a former resident of Cleveland, is releasing his third medical mystery Fresh Frozen this week and plans on attending Octoberfest for a book signing Saturday.

Dr. North, son of Evelyn Hays North and the late Linton Darden North, is an obstetrician/gynecologist practicing in partnership at Jackson Healthcare for Women, but found time to write during quiet hours and late night shifts at the hospital.

He has written two books House Call and Points of Origin, and has continued in this same vein in Fresh Frozen.

In Fresh Frozen, a young policeman and his tormented wife fail miserably to produce a family, finding themselves outcasts of the renewed baby boom sweeping the United States. However, there is one last hope for them: a catalogue of human embryo and egg donors peddled by a woman whose standards are easily dismissed for the right price. Pursuing their futile attempts to become parents has nearly cost the wife he…

Doctor Pens Third Medical Thriller - Feature in THE CLARION LEDGER

Mississippi author and full-time physician Darden North is featured in an article by Billy Watkins of The Clarion Ledger. The article appears below:

October 19, 2008
Section: Southern Style
Edition: Metro
Page: 1F

Doctor pens 3rd medical thriller
Billy Watkins

By Billy Watkins

Darden North keeps a list of people he plans to invite to the premiere party when Hollywood turns one of his novels into a movie.

"If you're going to do what it takes to write books, you might as well dream big," says North, a Jackson ob-gyn for the past 23 years who has just released his third medical mystery thriller, Fresh Frozen (Ponder House Press, $26.95).

North, 52, has chosen to publish his books through independent sources, which used to mean certain death for a book. That has changed, in part, because of the success of books that were originally self-published.

Examples: Th…